The One Who Stays

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He says no.

And stays here

Not sure what he wants... Everytime I let go, he holds me back.

He doesn't have much to say, but makes sure to see me when I'm around. And looks at me with smiles and sparks in his eyes, in silence. 

He says I'm almost a woman... No idea what he means. 


And when I stop wanting him, he makes sure to tease me. But that's all what he does.


Endlessly containing me, and I don't know why.


He broke my heart, and stayed there.

He refused me and stayed there.

He says no, and is *here*


And I dream of him when I'm away. And my dreams are better than many realities.


He says that he's licking me in his thoughts but prefers to wait for me to take off and fly

And signs "Fraternellement". The bastard ! He's consitant in his love and true to himself, the motherfuckerSweetHeartBrother.

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