Emotionally Blasée

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It had to happen.
It was right there, waiting for the moment to jump out.
Sneaked out a couple of times and finally burst out.

Alone, sitting home, feeling tired as have every instant for weeks.
Feeling the heavy heavy weight of lonelyness.
And it's right there.

So weak, could do anything for a close one to hold me. Anything for some love.
The inherent pain of living.
Far from my tribe.

Heavy heart, lonely soul, tears coming down along the bed.
I've been there so many times. Story of a life. I can't even take it seriously anymore.
It's got to be a joke, I can't be there again !

I'm just blasée.
Just because I'm exhausted and have been so for so long, just because I'm tired, I become emotional, over sensitive.
Weak and I can tell I'm a hair away from falling in the arms of the first one showing some care.
And they are many turning around.
Probably hoping for me to fall in their arms for comfort and brake this lonelyness.


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mechia 28/10/2009 20:30

cela n'a pas trop d'importance je suis comme le vent qui soufle et qui disparait

mechia 27/10/2009 21:15

et le cidre et les galettes aux sarazins

Emmanuelle 27/10/2009 21:40

Oui, qui êtes-vous ?!


mechia 27/10/2009 21:05

les galettes aux sarazins et le cidre

mechia 25/10/2009 20:24

aimes tu toujour la chorba

Emmanuelle 25/10/2009 21:53