The Shift

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Before, I wanted to BE LOVED, now I want to LOVE, I just need people to receive my cuddles, my kisses, my care, my lips. My crazy wild caresses.
It is really funny.
I'm completely overflown with love.
It's not everyday but it feels like a big wave of kisses and caresses coming inside of me and that need to come out. Like a tsunami.
It's less and less controlable...
It's wild, it's "La douceur Violente"...
Who's going to be the beach of my love tide ?!

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MOUGEOT Françoise-Michèle 14/02/2009 21:57

There are hundred of beaches waiting for your tide...World needs your warm embrace and cuddles !Happy Valentine's day to all Life lovers and to YOU especially !XXX and more,Soaz