Full of Love

Publié le par Emmanuelle

I am so full of love... I feel like I could love anything.
I'm effervescent with love.
Like an aspirin in water my love is coming out of my skin.
It's funny, it's nice, it feels so good to be lovin'
Loving like a dog, life a cat, like a lion, like a monkey, like a dolphin, like a worm in the earth, like a spider, like an eagle, like a bear....
I think I smell like love.
People probably can smell it, so they're nice to me, because obsiously that's what everyone wants : to be loved.

And love...

So, let's try to let people love us.
And let's love.

Just like that, it sounds easy...

It is not THAT easy !

But it is sooooooOOOooooooo Good !


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