Like Chocolate

Publié le par Emmanuelle

It's my second hot coco of the day...
Soon my sweat should smell and taste like chocolate...
But I'm going to shower anyway...
And have some more.

I'm going to dress pretty and go out tonight
And maybe, as I dance, it's going to start smelling like chocolate all around me.
And all the chocolate lovers will want to dance with me.

All I need to know is after how many hot cocos my skin starts to smell like cocoa ???

For now I have a chocolate moustache.
And I think it's cute.
So I'll keep it for a while

I miss the coconut oil, I use it after showering to nourish mys skin and it makes it like satin, smooth and shiny, and it smells soooo good.

Coconut and chocolate together on me...


Ho I could add some ginger.... Cinnamon.... Lemon zest... pepper... Chile

I could draw a smelling map on myself...


Who's going to be the lucky one to discover and explore this new world of smells I'm going to draw on my body ?!

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