When Life is So Strong...

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...That I can't sleep.

When life is so strong that I have to get up and write, paint, dance, sing...

It is good.

When life is so strong...

That it give me sleepless nights

Full of life

But intensified life.

The inner life, the wild life,

When I am amazed, uplifted and I can't believe how colors, sounds, shape and life is beautiful.

It is all so beautiful, I'm over flown with it and I have to express it somehow.

Sometimes I just copy the poems that I find so beautiful I can't sleep so amazed I am.

So I spend nights copying this beauty, and in the morning when I'm about to go to sleep, finally I see I've done something beautiful myself.

It happens sometimes at times of my life when I'm very busy and I ain't got to time to take care of my inner life.

But still it is very much alive and wants to have some of my time and energy, so it doesn't let me sleep.

It says :

Express me, live me, glorify me.

And it actually gives me sleepless nights, but doesn't make me tired.

Instead it uplifts me, makes me live more intensely, makes me so amazed I'm completely overtaken.

And I comtemplate the miracle of life and beauty.

Tonight is a night like this.

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