Life Death Life

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In a dream...
A few weeks ago.
I was reading everynight a few lines of "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The chapter about Life Death and life, Love, Men and Women.
And everynight I was having another crazy dream with some men.

The first night I was holding my
Querido Hermanito and I was feeling something very warm, safe, deep, sweet. It wasn't about a romantic or sexual attraction at all, it was about the heart.
It was : You're my Brother, I'm safe with you and there is this incredibly good love here.

I was holding him my arms around his waist and it was good.
Just sooooooo good. It was friendly.

Another night, I was having wild sex with the friend who was in the room next to mine.
He was an old lover, and we had been there before. This time it was in a dream and I wasn't giving him any rest. I was on top, using him. Literally.
I was crazy, and it was outside in the wild, near a river or a swamp, there was moss, and water nearby.

And in the last dream, or one of the last ones.
There was a man, and I had to kill him for some reasons.

I didn't really want to. But it was like one of those things it's better to do it.
Like put some poison for rats or bugs. It's not very nice but it avoids bigger trouble.
So I just did it like I do the dishes. Has to be done.
I killed him and then I embalmed him well.
I had to do this too, because I knew he wasn't going to be taken care of before a few days.
So I did it, knowing I did the right thing, a good job well done.
There wasn't anything bad or cruel.

I don't remember my other dreams, but everynight I had another dream having something to do with the MAn, or Men in general.

Just like I was saying in my previous post, I don't need anymore to have somebody to sleep with.
And the same way I do not need to idealize men to love them.
I don't fall in love those who seem to be perfect.
Right away I can see their imperfections and love them.
Love them and their imperfections.
Because I do not need them anymore !

I killed the man so I can love men I meet.

Life Death Life.

Death gives way to a new life.
New, in general is better than the old.

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naomi 23/11/2008 14:14

Interesting dream analysis.