Skin to skin

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Curled in a Cuddle
My skin searching your skin endlessly
Like a snail in its shell I want to be
Close to you
Closer to you
Much closer, until we stick to eachother

Which position is the best to have the more of your skin touching my skin?
Let's try this one and this other one and this one, and let's get back to the first one.
My chest is happy but my back is jealous
How to do? how to do ?
Can't we call a friend, one for my front and the other one for my back ?
Ho and my feet, let's keep them warm
And please kiss my face, touch hair,
And my neck
Put your hand into my hair and the other one on my belly
Touch me touch me touch me all over endlessly"

Looks like love huh ?
Seems romantic right ?!
Well, it's not.

It use to be an addiction.
Since I left my parent's bed (when I was about 3 years old, I know what a pain for them !)
I've been missing company to go to sleep.

And EVERY single night of lonelyness, which was most of my nights, and still is, was a torture, it was horrible, I was curling myself in my comforters, wishing, praying, begging for a warm body next to mine.
Because it was a need.

Now it's over. It's been a little more than a year.
After so much frustration everytime I had a guy who wouldn't hug me in the evening and in the morning and all night long...
Now I'm the one enjoying having my space and when I have to share it, it seems to me that it is a piece of cake I have to share.

Of course, I still have some special friends and lovers I love to sleep with.
But it's not anybody, and not anytime ;-)

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