Legacy and filial Love

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I LOVE my Mother,
Nobody should doubt about it.
But sometimes I don't understand her.
Nor does she understands me...

And it is not getting any better with the time passing by.

Today I found in the kitchen 2 huge bags of onions and one big bag of potatoes.
I thought it had been given to her.

At dinner I discovered that no, not at all, SHE bought it.
10 kilos of onions, 5 kilos of potatoes and 2 kilos of carrots.
Why ?
Not because we are 10 people to be fed, not because we like to feed homeless people, not because we are going to freeze it to be able to go through a nuclear war in a bunker.

No, nothing of the kind...

Just because it was on SALES.
It was cheap, SO she HAD to buy it.

I can understand that.

But we are only four people in the house, I often go for a day or two to sleep and eat somewhere else.
In a few days from now two us are going to leave.
It's going to be only my mother and my brother...

I told her it was great she did such a good deal and she should share it with friends and neighbors since we can't possibly eat it all before it goes moldy. It creates what we call here "social link" which is cruelly lacking in France.
Actually I think it's by sharing whatever we have that we can create a better world.

So we're going to have to eat so much onions and potatoes and carrots that we're going to hate it for ever after eating them all.

Because what you don't know is that it is forbidden to throw food away in my mother's presence.
I have seen poor people who know what hunger means throw away food that my mother usually eats. Taking the risk to get sick.

Well as a result she NEVER gets sick.
Yes, mold fruits contain penicillin which is a natural antibiotic.

One day she bought 3 kilos of sardines because they were on sales at the end of the market, I didn't like it at the time, so my sister who trusted my taste said she didn't like it either, and so my brother who trusted her tastes said he didn't like it either.

So she served grilled sardines (the only recipe she knew) to her parents in law and herself for the next few days.
Being too polite they didn't dare to say anything and became disgusted by sardines for ever after.
Until his death my Grand-father could talk about it with a relief to have finally finished them, at some point the thought they would never end, because everyday there was some more !

I could tell you much more and write a whole book about what she made us eat.
Ok, actually I will because indeed it is really funny, just the most relevant and striking example.

One day our mother made a cake.
We were very happy, we asked what were the ingredients. But she wouldn't tell, she said : eat first, I'll tell you what's in there afterwards.
We ate and it was surprisingly good.
Usually her cakes have no sugar and no fat.
For the sugar sometimes she puts dried apricots or any sweet thing she can find that isn't sugar.
Because of the lack of fat her cakes are very dry and hard.

This one wasn't dry at all, and it's sweetness was ok.
We ate it all.

Afterwards, with a huge smile she tells us :

Well you remember the mayonnaise we've had in the fridge for so long nobody wanted to eat it, well it's in there, and the left over of mashed potatoes nobody wanted to eat either, and the bananas so dark and soft you didn't want them, in there !

She was proud and happy.
We showed anger, disgust, surprise but we were secretly satisfied because it was indeed GOOD and tasty !
And she knows it. That's the problem.

She always buys the cheapest fruits at the market, so we never eat them because they aren't good, so they go mold and that's when she makes a cake.
Until I was about 9 I thought I didn't like pears and bananas because I never had good ones. Only  unripe or too ripe...

To finish with the legacy point, yesterday I bought a book ONLY because it was brand new and only 3 euros and seemed to be good.
The problem is that it's actually not good enough to be read or kept or offered.
I am very pissed and I don't know what I'm going to do with it. But I'll find out.

So I'm very grateful to my mother (and the rest of my family, and maybe myself as well) because I intend to collect the best stories about her and make a stand up show with them. So I'll actually make lots of money thanks to all the money she's saved (which is going to be lost because of the financial crisis anyway....). I am very grateful to my mother and I love her really a lot although she drives me crazy most of the time.

And now I'm talking to my American friends reading me.
I've heard that there's ain't much people behaving like this in the US.
Here there is more people of this kind because our grand parents have known the war times with big restrictions for basically everything included food.
So this post somehow doesn't only tells you about my nice little self but shows you something from French culture ;)

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Roman Avila 03/11/2008 22:44

Hola hermanita!!!! esta buenisimo el blog!.... la foto estas hecha toda una diosa, y me gusta el titulo para la foto de SKIN, muy buena la produccion!
Hey, siempre 1 ez cada semana pienso en ti, emma y me alegra que estes bien... como siempre veo que te gusta escribir mucho.... y yo ya te dije en el pasado tenes que escribir un libro, pero en serio!
Un beso grandote y consejo? nunca hagas un post sin una foto o un video, que no quedan muy lindos...
un beso grandote!

Eli 03/11/2008 08:43

That's awesome! I'm impressed and deeply entertained don't stop writing!

boiseime 29/10/2008 10:33

I LOVE my daugter
Nobody should doubt about it.
But sometimes I don't understand her.
Nor does she understands me...

D'abord petite mise au point concrète et réaliste :
patates et oignons sont des denrées qui se conservent très bien et si j'en ai acheté tant c'est que je bénéficiais de l'usage de la voiture de mon cher ami manuel. A pied, 15 kilos çà l'aurait pas fait !
Ensuite, je ne dirais pas tout ce qui est à l'origine de mes comportements car j'en ignore une bonne partie mais voici que l'histoire de ma grand mère qui eut de la colère envers sa mère, de ma mère envers la sienne, de moi envers la mienne ont fait qu'en voulant être différente, on a souvent fait l'inverse et avec le recul je m'aperçoit que faire l'inverse c'est une façon de faire pareil !
Pour finir voici une petite citation de Stanislas Nordey tiré d'un commentaire sur la superbe pièce de théâtre "incendie"qui fut ton cadeau pour moi et que j'ai énormément apprécié :
"Personne ne ressort indemne de la vérité mise à jour mais l'espoir renaît car chacun peut alors regarder sa propre histoire dans les yeux. Sans voile. Sans filtre. A nu.
Bon courage ma grande fille, cela n'est pas une mince affaire et si on a chacun ses oignons puisse tu ne pas rajouter les miens au tiens !
Avec tout mon amour maternel, Odile

Pierre 26/10/2008 09:57

C'est la femme aux oignons,
qui a des seins tout ronds,
qui porte un ceinturon,
qui mange du potimarron...

David 26/10/2008 01:34

Salut Manu!

Premier commentaire pour moi?
Excellent le blog d'Emmanuelle, avec la photo à la fin, c'est très sexy!

Pour les 10 Kg d'onions, tu peux pas en vouloir à ta mère, nous sommes incités chaque jour à consommer plus. Il en résulte ce genre d'aberration. Maintenant la question est pourquoi est-ce qu'on nous incite à tant de gâchis? Pourquoi doit-on maintenir une croissance positive? Pourquoi ne pas se contenter (à l'échelle mondiale) de ce que l'on a déjà? Une partie de la réponse se trouve dans cette vidéo:
L'Argent Dette de Paul Grignon (Money as Debt FR):http://www.vimeo.com/1711304?pg=embed&sec=1711304

Tant que nous ne ferons rien ça ne risque pas de changer!

Pleins de bisous!